Hi, my name is

Keith Robertson

I’m a Website Developer based in Vancouver, holding over 9 years of agency experience creating dynamic and responsive WordPress websites for a wide range of clients.

I’m currently working at Wine Works, where we build beautiful e-commerce websites for the wine industry, using a combination of WordPress, Commerce7, and Wine Direct.

Hi, my name is Keith Robertson


“I love learning how things work”

I chose web development as a career because early on, I had a passion for computers and problem solving. I love learning how things work, and growing up, I wanted to recreate my favourite websites. I would spend hours trying to mimic certain effects and layouts. When I found out I could make a career out of it, the choice was easy.

I am currently focusing my skills on WordPress, Wine Direct, and Craft CMS. I’m a full stack developer, but my forte is programming in PHP above all else. I’m well versed in HTML & CSS, and I excel with the jQuery library.

Aside from web development, I volunteer for the Vancouver Dodgeball League, Canada’s largest not-for-profit dodgeball league. If I’m not at dodgeball, you’ll find me hiking the BC mountains with my camera and drone in my backpack. Photography is a huge passion of mine, and the BC wilderness often produces stunning results.